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Nannini are specialists of a new generation of glasses. The sales philosophy, which favors technological innovation, and research for solutions to common problems for the end user, shows in the design of their sunglasses and goggles.


The Nannini Story

The story begin in 1954 when Giorgio Nannini began producing quality eyewear in his Modena factory. Over the years, many developments have led Nannini to the ‘top of the pack’. As well as eyewear, Nannini has patented and produced many different things such as: a “stop sign/direction indicator” unit for motorbikes (a great sales success), the first automatic machine for bending metal rims for eyewear and then increasingly sophisticated machines for processing lenses and optical resins. The interesting thing is that many of Nannini’s competitors, all over the world, produce eyewear with his machines. 

Behind all this activity, there is a courteous gentleman, who has a quiet appearance which hides a vulcanic inventors mind and a passion for mechanics and machines (he has been an enthusiastic motorbike rider). Giorgio Nannini, the owner of the numerous patents which are the company’s fortune, is still today the soul of the company which he founded and directed. Thanks to the design, the technical solutions and capacity to sell quality products at competitive prices, Nannini has achieved an important position on the international scene.


Pacific Coast
Sunglasses Inc.

Home of the Original KD’s
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Pacific Coast Sunglasses Inc.

sunglasses, decided to add handmade leather motorcycle goggles to their lineup. After searching out the many options, they fell in love with the Nannini Goggles. After securing the rights to sell these goggles in the United States, Pacific Coast Sunglasses made them available on their website. Immediately, positive reviews came in from the end users. Handmade in Italy by the Nannini company, these goggles are world class and the comfort and styling show it. Available in the USA exclusively through Pacific Coast Sunglasses Inc.


GN Giorgio Nannini of Modena, Italy is a clear example of how creativity and brilliant invention will earn recognition on an international level. Below is a list of some of the awards that have been won by Nannini glasses.

GOOD DESIGN AWARD Giorgio Nannini, the ideator of increasingly numerous eyewear lines, whether ophthalmic, sunglasses, sports or protection, has deservedly won an award, in recognition of his research and continuous updating. In September 1995 in Tokyo, from the hands of the Japanese Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade, Ryutaro Hashimoto, Giorgio Nannini received the first ‘Good Design Award’ for his reading lorgnettes “Compact, mini reading glasses”.

The award was set up by the Japanese government in 1957, with the aim of improving the quality of life, selecting products on an international level, subdivided into fourteen categories, with outstanding innovative features. Particular attention has been given over the years io high level design. Over 21,000 objects have been assessed, sifted and selected. In 1995 there were about one thousand chosen candidates competing for the award and the names of the producers included Philips, Gillette, Canon, Opel, Bosch. Though competing with worthy rivals, Giorgio Nannini deservedly won the award.

His Compact reading glasses, with an international patent, were awarded because they were chosen as the most innovative product in the field.

BELLUNO INTERNATIONAL AWARD From the “Belluno International Award for Innovation in the Spectacle Sector”, To the Nannini s.r.l. company for having created a pivot which folds the temples, one on the top part of the frame and the other on the bottom part, with a very simple operation. The jury for the “Belluno International Award for Innovation in the Spectacle Sector”, after examining all the innovations submitted, has unanimously assigned second prize with equal merit for four other innovations, to the company Giorgio Nannini s.r.l. Modena

TRADE MART UTRECHT COMPACT and SOLE MIO have achieved an award as one of the best and most innovative product shown at the Utrecht Trade Mart in Holland.

COMPASSO D’ORO Eighteenth Golden Compass Award, ADI. Modular, Multisport glasses with a modular system achieved a prestigious honor selection.

COMPASSO D’ORO (THE GOLDEN COMPASS) Modular (ex Sporting Eyes) Multisport glasses with a modular system.

EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR 2000 Our model “READY” (Fisherman glass) is one of the 5 WINNERS from over 300 participants of the selection of the event: “EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR 2000” at I.O.F.T. International Optical Show -
Tokyo, Japan

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